Bobbi is a holistic health educator and health  coach whose life mission, is to expand peace, health, and well-being one individual at a time and to thereby create a more peaceful and healthy world. She helps clients look at what is creating stress in their lives and supports them in dealing with and lessening the stress. 

Bobbi offers classes, events, private coaching, & inspirational writings. She is influenced by her direct life experiences and by her studies with the Insight Yoga Institute, Unity, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and within behavioral, positive, and spiritual psychology.

Below are listed all the ways that you can tap into this website or sign up for classes and events to expand your embodiment of greater peace. 
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Bobbi S. Rudin M.A., R.Y.T., C.R.M.
Creating More Peace, Health & Well-Being..
What is Peace? 

Pathways to Peace definition of peace is befriending what is life-giving  and releasing  what is not. Another way to think of peace is the release of "enemy ideas and images" from the mind. If each of us were able to take this action, how could there be anything but peace?

Online Miriam Webster Definitions of Peace. 
1) A state of tranquility or quiet
2) Freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
3) Harmony in personal relations

The actual living of this definition opens a door for contemplation. Does peace mean we always feel put together, that the waves of the ocean of our mind are continually still, that there is nothing erupting? That is the ultimate dream. Most of us living on this earth experience a full range of emotions, physical conditions, thoughts, and insights throughout our lives. The good news is that there are ways to grow our capacities to be closer in alignment with that ultimate dream.

Peace is a process that begins with the decision to continually practice awareness of the waves in our emotions, thoughts, physical conditions, and relationships--in all of our experiences. Once we are aware we then have the power to choose where and how to focus our attention and how to act, especially during the roller coaster times of our lives, and to do so with creativity, compassion and forgiveness throughout the journey.

We experience peace and associated heightened health and well-being, when we are in the flow of life. The following metaphor paints a picture. Peace is surfing and riding with the wave, honoring its flow and rhythm and moving with it. Suffering is getting caught in the undertow, the riptides. Surfing with the wave is being present with life as it is. Being in the riptide is getting caught in the old stories and conditioned believes of the mind about the outer circumstance that is apparently present.
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"Peace is every step."
Thich Nhat Hanh
Pathways to Peace
Holistic Health Education that Integrates Insight Yoga, Unity, Health Science & Psychology
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