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The Infinite Rebirth

My old self is gone.
It is a new day with its own direction.

How strange, how articular,
I come to this unfolding place
As I find a way 
over, around, under and through
the tasks, quartered by others,
but by Thee made whole.

And when the mohair blanket of darkness
covers this day, I will rest
 in the bed that you have made for me,
fall into a dreamless sleep 
where the drapes of my eyelids 
hide the memories of my mind,

without a care for
what tomorrow will bring.

excerpt from Testament © Bobbi Rudin 2013
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Testament: A Poetic Journey Thru the Cycles of Life is now available at Amazon

"Bobbi's evocative poetry touches us at a deep level. You too will long to 'slumber in the creamy arms of heaven's nighttime harmony' as you immerse yourself in  her poetry."

Author Sherry Lynn Harris
Bobbi Rudin
Without Condition

Mahogany eyes
stare at my face with riveted
attention and curiosity

Not like the slate eyes
that pass me in the hallways
of buildings where appointments are kept

or like the ebony eyes
of a hungry lover, a parched tongue
that seeks water.

Your eyes have none of that.

Your eyes look directly at me,
like a dolphin, you smile and cry.

People say that you are trapped alive
without language, but right now
your mahogany eyes, in this 
point of seconds, tell me everything

I ever yearned to hear.

Published in 
The Muse: An International Journal of Poetry 
(Vol. 3, Issue 2) also available at Amazon
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