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Blessed Moments

A quiet house on a winter morn.
Temperature drops. The heater toggles on.
Sings its steady chant of whisp'ring warmth.

In the comfort of a large bed with quilted blanket, 
my body curls next to the one
I have awoken by each day for the past 28 years.

I glance out the clear window at a sky 
that is there every day and each night, 
the foreground changing shape, 
moment by moment telling a different story,
while the space and the veritable horizon
paint a still-life picture of unchanging security.

excerpt from Testament © Bobbi Rudin 2013
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"Bobbi's evocative poetry touches us at a deep level. You too will long to 'slumber in the creamy arms of heaven's nighttime harmony' as you immerse yourself in  her poetry."

Author Sherry Lynn Harris

Mayfly nymphs swim
through a long, slow year of preparation.
Those who do not resist are pulled
to the surface, then spread their wings
into an adult life that lasts no more than
a few days in which they mate
and procreate, without hesitation.

Giant pandas lumber through bamboo fields,
as if moving through endless strands
of spaghetti. They eat along the way,
30 to 40 pounds of this cellulose a day.
Their relaxed manner shows no sign of concern about near extinction.

The abundant chirping of sparring sparrows,
as they dance on air around the maypole
of Ponderosa pines, like its Mayday,
intimates their happy situation.

The loon lands with a splash, splicing
the placid waters, rippling waves lap
across the lake. The bird calls, piercing
winter's solace with this haunting quake
of titillation.

excerpt from Testament © Bobbi Rudin 2013
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